Dancer / Choreographer / Creative Director / Music Producer


Chiluba Arthur, aka ChilubaTheOne, is a leader of the Urban Dance Culture in Kenya through multiple disciplines including – Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher and Creative Director. It is through dance that Chiluba found his purpose and passion for life.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Chiluba found started his adventure at his local church. His dancing is self-taught by watching music videos in the early 2000s. Forming a dance crew in his third year of high school marked the beginning of his journey as a professional dancer and choreographer.

Chiluba established himself early on as one of Kenyas most prominent dance artists, winning multiple awards and competitions.

Since 2009 when he was cast into the mainstream entertainment industry through the tv dance show " SAKATA MASHARIKI"(East Africas biggest ever dance competition) he has been one of the dance ambassadors promoting afro urban dance before it was 'cool'.

As part of his progression as an artist and entrepreneur, Chiluba launched his company – CHILUBA ENTERTAINMENT under which TheOne Studios is housed. To date, the company has executed work on some of Kenyas notable productions – choreographing talent, performing on some of the largest Live Productions, Corporate Events & Recorded & Broadcasted Productions.

Chiluba has also worked alongside some of the Africa’s most recognised artists, choreographing performances and productions for Sautisol, Nyashinski ,Yemi Alade etc to mention a few.

His 2 successful dance tours in Europe and dance workshops in multiple countries in Asia have further cemented him at the top of East African dance as a leader and visionary.

It’s no doubt that Chiluba is an energy we wall need in the fast growing African urban dance landscape. His consistency over the last 16 years has proven that as an African dancer, you can make it.

Chiluba in Singapore

2024 • August 30th & 31st